Store à lamelles type Toustemps 70

The sun breaker TT70 is a blind with Z-shaped slats. The metal fasteners and the well-tested slat guides are designed for utmost reliability. It is best suited for applications requiring brightness control and ease of use.


The 70 mm thermal lacquered aluminium slats are rigidified by ribs and overlap. A neoprene seal ensures sufficient darkening and reduces the amount of noise due to wind.

Runner system

The runner guide systems (several profiles avalilable) are made of natural anodised extruded aluminium, equipped with soundproof inserts on both sides. This system guarantees a silent movement of the synthetic slat guides and strengthens the tips of the slats.

The bottom slat

The bottom slat, which pivots when closed, is made of natural anodised extruded aluminium, the colouring of its upper surface is identical to the slats.

Product made in Switzerland by Lamelcolor SA